Gaucho Lacrosse Alumni Board Of Directors

The UCSB Men’s Lacrosse Alumni Association Board of Directors is made up of members spanning four decades. These members have pledged their time, effort, and energy to help guide and advance the Gaucho Lacrosse program.


2012 Members

Keith Zalkin, 1982 - President  

Ben Schooler,2003 - Vice President

Adam Reilly,  1997 - Treasurer

Dustin, Benesch, 2007 - Secretary


Gary Pakele, 1974    

Phil Arnautou,1987

Adam Miner, 1998

Chis Goodroe, 1997

Doug Hendry, 1976

Bryan Tunney, 1983

Bill Moore, 1978

Ryan Sanders, 2010

Nik Schooler, 2006


Board of Directors

The Alumni Association is governed by a rotating board of directors and officers. To ensure a variety of opinions, elected members may not sit on the board for more than three consecutive years without taking a one year hiatus. All alumni will have equal representation by confirming no more than three alumni per decade of graduating class (for example three board members who graduated in the 1980’s), and no less than one alumnus per decade. The team’s head coach, and team president will be appointed representatives.

The inaugural board of directors was nominated and confirmed in an open format by all interested Gaucho supporters. A leadership hierarchy was established to ensure the board of directors is operating efficiently and in the best interests of the program. These officers




The President ensures the effective action of the board in governing the Alumni Association, supporting the team, and oversees board affairs. He acts as the representative of the board as a whole, rather than as an individual supervisor to staff. The president is primarily responsible to organize meetings and teleconferences, collaborates with all directors, oversees design and execution of fundraising events, and coordinates with the UCSB team. He oversees the nomination/induction process for   the Hall of Fame Award and ensures voting is performed properly. The president will provide leadership in the ongoing efforts of the Association.


Vice- President:

This position assists the President in anyway needed and help coordinate the efforts being made to fundraise.





The treasurer manages and administers all financial matters related to the Alumni Association. He provides to the board members at minimum a quarterly statement of expenses and revenue, and forecasts expected budget requirements through the end of the academic year. The treasurer ensures development and board review of financial policies and procedures.




The secretary ensures that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet 501(c)(3) legal requirements should the Association pursue this avenue. The Secretary will enable authorized persons to determine when, how, and by whom the board's business was conducted. In order to fulfill these responsibilities, the secretary records minutes of meetings, ensures their accuracy and availability, proposes policies and practices, and submits various reports to the board. The secretary also tracks association membership and coordinates with the team to maintain contact information.