Hall of Fame

UCSB Men’s Lacrosse Hall of Fame

In 2004, the UCSB Men’s Lacrosse Hall Of Fame was established to honor and recognize the outstanding on the field achievements of past players. Each fall, the Hall of Fame Committee gathers and reviews potential candidates for selection. With such a storied history of success, the process is never easy and there are many well-qualified candidates. The below members represent almost 50-years of lacrosse history at UCSB.

Class of 2019:

Jeff Myers





Al Ferguson (1987)

Damon Conklin-Moragne (2006)

Class of 2018:

Jeff Myers (1981)

Luke Wilson (2005)

Class of 2017:

Tycho Suter (2004)

Ryan Brittain (2005)

Class of 2016:

Ben Schooler (2003)

Hank Caulkins (2004)

Class of 2015:

Luke Wilson

Fritz Kunzel (1987)

Will Patton (2005)

Class of 2014:

Don Lougee (1977)

Mike Szakos (2000)

Class of 2013:

Mark Burford (1990)

Class of 2012:

David Winnacker (1997)

Class of 2011:

Gunnar Brekke (1987)

Gary Pakele (1973)

Class of 2010:

Christopher Goodroe (1997)

Class of 2009:

Michael Lateef (1989)

Class of 2008:

Chris Harkins (1984)

Kevin Taylor (1984)

Class of 2007:

Rob Fiance (1980)

Keith Smith (1991)

Class of 2006:

Rob Almy (1974)

Brian Cook (1992)

Class of 2005:

Keith Zalkin (1982)

Brian Kunzel (1983)

Thomas Chancler (1985)

Class of 2004:

Bill Moore (1974)

Bryan Tunney (1983)

J.C. Reid (1984)

Pete Reich (1987)


UCSB Men’s Lacrosse Hall of Fame Guidelines

Below are the minimum requirements for consideration by the Hall of Fame Committee. The list of potential candidates grows every year and competition is fierce.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Graduate of UCSB or served as a Head Coach
  • 5 year out of school requirement
  • Must have represented UCSB well, both on and off the field
  • Person can be voted into HOF, but cannot be officially inducted and receive award until present at Alumni Weekend. (If the inductee is disabled or deceased, a family member may accept the award in his absence).


Nomination/Selection Process

  • Nominations solicited from all alumni via form on website and email
  • Qualifications/Accomplishments must be submitted on form (All-American/All-League/All-Star, Championships, Captain, Team Awards, etc)
  • Unlimited number of nominations.


Number of Inductees per Year

  • 4 Inductees for the inaugural year (2004)
  • 3 Inductees the second year (2005)
  • After this, the number of inductees will vary, but no fewer than 2 per year
  • Selections can come from any of the eligible years, with no requirement on taking someone from each decade
  • The best qualified should be inducted and not be determined by when they played